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Now JUNOKANA is an independent company bringing the power of metabolomics to the medical cannabis industry and its customers. 
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Medical cannabis has gained widespread attention in recent years, and has been used to treat or alleviate the symptoms of various diseases and conditions. According to a market report by imarc, the global medical cannabis market is expected to reach US $44 billion by 2024, supported by investments in clinical trials and R&D. However, as scientists continue to learn more about cannabinoids and their medicinal effects, there remains no standardized assessment of efficacy for medical cannabis in clinical diagnostics. Furthermore, the vast variety of pure and hybrid cannabis plants and their growing conditions adds to the complexity of attempts to create such a standardized assessment.


JUNO is reverse-engineering the standardization process by measuring and defining metabolic response due to cannabis use or treatment. 

Why Use Metabolism-Based Analysis for Medical Cannabis?




  • provides a picture of health

  • can aid in the diagnosis of disease

  • can measure the efficacy of medical cannabis-based treatment

  • can assess the body's inner response to medical cannabis use/treatment

  • can characterize each person's biochemical response to the different varieties of medical cannabis (help enable personalized medical cannabis treatment)

  • can lead the future of medical cannabis clinical application and testing to enable better patient care

Introducing: JUNOKANA Business Compliance Solution


​Specifically designed to guide cannabis-based products and services into compliance with government rules and regulations for conducting scientific research, including clinical studies performed on behalf of customer companies.

  • Cannabis-based product companies (Producer)

    • Cannabis-based products that are subject to FDA and other government agency compliance regulation​

  • Cannabis pharmacologists and dispensaries (Distributor)

    • JUNOKANA Cannabis Consumer Kit helps pharmacologists make safe and medically sound  product recommendations for cannabis use

Introducing: JUNOKANA Cannabis Consumer Kit

​Safety and Efficacy Testing for the Entire Cannabis Market*

  • cannabis patients and consumers

  • dispensaries and product distributors

  • farms, growers and product manufacturers

*Disclaimer: JUNOKANA Kit provides information about the state of metabolic pathways in a patient treated with medical cannabis products. It is not a diagnostic test and is not cleared by the US Food and Drug Administration.

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