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Covid 19

Rapid COVID-19

Detection Solution: 


Quantitative polymerase chain reaction (PCR) assay is commonly used to diagnose SARS CoV-2 or COVID-19, but it lacks the ability to account for mutations in the virus over time. SARS CoV-2 has mutated over 200 times since its initial breakout, and further mutations risk altering the gene-based detection "target", reducing the reliability of the test. In this scenario, mutated versions of the virus may not be detected and a second outbreak allowed to spike until the test is updated. Additionally, the binary nature of PCR assay does not allow automated data traceability, which is a critical component for building current and future outbreak prediction models.


JunoCOVID-DX : A viral testing platform with a rapid approach that enables reliable multiplexed detection of current and emerging viral strains and the ability to capture potential mutations. JunoCOVID-DX offers a simplified and non-invasive home-based or isolated sample collection kit.  The assay is fast, highly accurate, and offers high volume test (i.e. 96 tests in less than 10 minutes)

Why Use Metabolism-Based Analysis for Detection of COVID-19?


  • eliminate false positives / negatives due to genetic mutations in the virus

  • discover the viral impact on individuals, enabling personalized treatment / prevention

  • rapid results, suitable for mass-scale testing

  • automated data traceability for tracking and prediction of outbreaks

Introducing: JunoCOVID-DX


​Miniaturized mobile mass spectrometry-based diagnosis of COVID-19 at scale. 

  • on-site biosample collection

  • ​near real-time test results​

  • AI-based pathogen analysis, mapping, and database management

Applicable anywhere*

  • hospitals and clinics

  • military and government agencies

  • private entities

*Disclaimer: JUNO Rapid SARS CoV-2 Solution is not cleared by the US Food and Drug Administration at the moment.

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